Our Vision Statement

Our passion for Christ

Before anything else, we’re swept up in Christ’s love for us. We are in continual pursuit of God: ever becoming a people who are not satisfied until we know and love Him absolutely, hear His voice clearly through ongoing prayer, and seek to obey Him in Spirit-led thoughts, words and behaviors. This kind of passion is motivated by Christ’s love, compelled by our convictions, sustained through courage, and ever empowered by the Holy Spirit.
For us, nothing else is as important as the adventure of knowing and following Jesus. We’re immersed in studying God’s Word and meditating on its truth – individually and together. We live as though we believe God’s Word is Truth, and we’re growing in obedience despite our human nature. We creatively celebrate God’s power, love, and grace through vibrant prayer and worship. And we can’t stop talking about God with each other, because we’re excited about God!

Our life together

Because we lean hard on God’s love, we can love each other fully – and this love is contagious. We see honesty and humility – we’re not afraid to be vulnerable, because we accept each other as we are. We forgive each other, avoid competition, and strive for unity, because we see each other through the eyes of Jesus. We enjoy being together – and we’re building deep meaningful friendships. We regularly gather to celebrate meaningful events, and we stay in touch with each other during the week. We carry each other’s burdens and sacrifice to meet each other’s needs. We’re willing to ask for help, we suffer with each other, and share each other’s joys.     We’re growing together. We have comprehensive ministries designed to form Christ-followers at all ages – people who are ready to use their gifts to serve God. We seek ways to encourage each other in faith and obedience. We’re an intergenerational church, full of people of all ages. Our building has “too many people to hold” every time we gather!

Sharing this extraordinary life with others

We believe that Jesus is the only answer to our sin and alienation from God, so it’s vital to communicate the good news of salvation at every opportunity. We share Christ with others in the following ways.


We love our neighbors and we’re an integral part of the life of Midvale. We offer food for empty stomachs, listening ears for hurting hearts, education for hungry minds, and the good news of Jesus to fill spiritual hunger. We reach out to the diverse community surrounding the church and build relationship with them. We pray for our neighbors and we take the time and effort to pray with them.


We talk about Jesus with the people in our lives – friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and others. We prepare our people to confidently share their faith and invite others to church. Our love for God and our neighbors leads us to be a safe, open and inviting people. We welcome visitors warmly, get to know them, and help them find a place where they belong.

We recruit, train, and send missionaries out into the world – as individuals and teams – to serve others and share the good news of Christ. We also pray for the nations – lifting their needs up to God.
We’ve been blessed with the gift of many children in our congregation and our neighborhood. We develop programs that raise up Christian leaders for the next generation by helping children and youth grow in Christ.