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Fighting for the Future
Time has always fascinated me. Always ticking away. One minute coming in as another one leaves. Moments dying and new ones being reborn. Living in a present that is becoming a past at speeds which are impossible to measure.
When you understand the connectedness of the past, present, and future, you see that you have a great ability to affect them all. After all, you’re creating your past right now, but you’re also creating your future.

The stories you will live in the next 5 years are the stories you lived in the next 10 years. So, the question of what past you want to have in your history is really the same question of what future you want as well.
Sometimes it seems easier to fight the future than to fight for the future.
But God is fighting for the future.
God is going after what’s yet to come, because He has a particular dream for the way this world should be.
I’ve caught myself holding tightly to things that are already fading, but you don’t ever see God doing this. He is on the front lines, pushing into the future, and calling people into new ways of living and of being.
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