Our Church Organization

Government of the Church

As a congregational church, we believe that the final authority to govern this church is given by Christ to the Congregation – that is to say, to those who collectively hold proper membership in this Church. The Congregation has decided to give authority to govern in its name to the Pastor(s), Elders, Deacons, and the Administrative Board. 
The Administrative Board is empowered by the church to make policy decisions within the framework of the Constitution.  Any matters, which fall outside of the boundaries set by the Constitution, must be approved by congregational vote.  The Administrative Board meets on a quarterly basis and the meetings are open to all members of the congregation. The minutes of each Board meeting are reviewed by the congregation at the Congregational Meetings.  The Congregational meetings are normally held once a quarter at the conclusion of the worship service on the second Sunday of the month.  All those who attend Cornerstone regularly, and those who are Covenant Members, should attend the Congregational Meetings.

Meet Our Elders

Role of Elders

The Elders share responsibility for general oversight of the spiritual well-being of the church.  They function as preachers, teachers and spiritual counselors whose responsibilities include prayer and ministry of the Word. To a very great degree, the work of the Elders is accomplished as a team. 
elis face
Eli Shackelford, Lead Pastor
Eli came to us from K2 Church in Salt Lake City and became the Lead Pastor of Cornerstone Church in November 2015.  He faithfully serves the Lord with a deep passion for all people to know they are loved and have a place to belong long before they have a personal relationship with the Lord.
Brach Pulver, Youth Pastor
Brach joined our team in December 2016, coming all the way from Wisconsin. Success in youth ministry, for Brach, is having every kid that walks through our church’s door know that God loves them and He has died so that we can live. His goal is to bring kids the message that God seeks a relationship with them, which is life-changing, and that he (Brach) is to live out an example of this walk with Jesus that the youth will be drawn to.  He would also like to train kids within the youth program who could go out into the community and continue the work of Jesus by gaining followers. He believes there should be a healthy progression of leadership and development in our Youth ministry.
Paul Owen
Paul Owen
Paul has been attending Cornerstone for almost 10 years. He was born and raised in a polygamist cult,  the Kingstons, but as an adult he discovered the freedom and saving grace in the arms of his Savior Jesus Christ.  Paul leads the Worship Service prayer team.
Leo Cropped II
Leo Coonradt, Elder Emeritus
Leo has been a vital part of Cornerstone for almost 30 years.  While Leo does not serve on the Elder Board as an elected official the church constantly seeks his wisdom, experience, advice and discernment.  He thus serves as our Elder Emeritus. 

Meet Our Deacons

Role of Deacons

Historically in the Christian Church, when the workload of ministry becomes too great for the Elders to perform, or when the work to be performed falls outside the boundaries of “general spiritual oversight, ” qualified Church members are elected to the office of Deacon for the performance of those ministries considered to be essential. 
Elda Arana, Deacons of Missions and Evangelism
Responsibilities include educating, leading, enabling, and assisting the church in doing the work of missions and evangelism as in Matthew 28:19; Romans 10:13-15; 2 Corinthians 5:20; Acts 14:21-23; Revelation 5
Fred Helbling, Deacon of Buildings & Grounds
Responsibilities include the maintenance and repair of all church buildings and grounds and major equipment installed; general security of the buildings and grounds, and overseeing  the janitorial staff. 
Heather Ledbetter, Deacon of Fellowship
Responsibilities include planning and implementing church-wide fellowship events to foster unity in the church and to provide a means by which a sense of community is established and maintained.
Karen Thomas, Deacon of Church Finances
Responsibilities include all of the administrative needs of the Church, as pertains to the Church finances, are met in an efficient and expedient manner.
Richard Hammond, Deacon of Discipleship
Responsibilities include ensuring that facilities, equipment, curriculum and personnel necessary to carry out the church’s Discipleship ministries such as Jr. Church, youth programs, adult small groups & Bible studies, and new believer mentoring programs are in place.