Sunday Services
Worship begins at 11:00 a.m. We end with coffee and conversation in the gym following the service. 
Worship is our expression of gratitude for all that God has done and is doing in our lives. A communal conversation between God and his church. 
We generally use modern expressions of worship but can also be found pulling in songs and practices that come from many years before our time. 
Ancient or modern, God's love and grace, best seen in the person of Jesus takes center stage every morning at Cornerstone. 
Communion, is available every Sunday for anyone who has or wants to receive life from Jesus.   
As part of the community of believers, children are not discouraged from receiving  Communion; instead, we encourage them to remember Jesus' love and what He has done for them.  We leave their participation to their parents' discretion.
Our bread and juice is gluten and allergen free options are generally available each week.
 Junior Church
Junior church is a rocking place where kids in grades 1st- 5th can learn about the heart of God. It takes place during the main teaching time and is known for awesome teachers who love their students.  
Coffee & Conversation
Every Sunday right after the Worship Service we hang out in the gym for coffee and conversation.
This is a great place to catch up on life and get to know people better. Please join us!

Meet the Staff

Eli Shackelford, Lead Pastor
elis faceEli came to us from K2 Church in Salt Lake City and became the Lead Pastor of Cornerstone Church in November 2015.  He has a deep passion for all people to know they are loved, created to carry God's likeness, and set free to live full and engaged lives through Jesus.  


Brach Pulver, Youth Pastor

Brach joined our team in December 2016, coming all the way from Wisconsin. Success in youth ministry, for Brach, is having every kid that walks through our church’s door know that God loves them and He has died so that they can live. He wants to live out relationship with God and students in a way that will draw them into deeper relationship.   He hopes to develop students who engage with their community and continue the work of Jesus. He believes there should be a healthy progression of leadership  development in our Youth Ministry.


Fred Helbling, Worship Pastor

Fred Helbling
Fred has been attending Cornerstone and serving as the primary Worship Pastor since 1988. In his time with us he has served as a Bible Study leader, an Elder, a Youth Sunday School teacher and an adviser to us in anything regarding building maintenance. His wife, Leanne Helbling, serves with him to create a culture and lifestyle of worship.
Luz Davila,  Administrator
Luz has called Cornerstone home since she was just a kid. She is fully engaged in ministry and loves Jesus and people well. Her desire is to see our church thrive and grow and she is working hard towards that future. She is currently in the process of finishing college, but we're hanging on to her as long as we can!    

We believe

The Bible is the unique word of God. It is Inspired. Infallible. All sufficient. It holds final authority on everything upon which it teaches. It is the written revelation of God.
Jesus is the unique expression of God. One person, existing in perfect unity, with God the father and the Holy Spirit as the one and only triune God. Jesus is the best revelation of the heart of God and the only way into relationship with God.
The Church is the unique vehicle for Gods mission. Jesus came to start a movement where Gods will and ways could be lived out and practiced in the context of community. That movement is known as the church and is Gods hope for the communication of His message and the practice of life as He intends it to be lived.
People are the unique bearers of Gods image. Gods intent is to restore relationship with people living under the weight of sin, rebellion, and brokenness. God has utmost regard for people. He searches for, rescues, and restores them at highest cost to Himself. Those that have received life from Him, joyfully join in the search for others at cost to ourselves.
* A more comprehensive statement of belief can be found here.What we believe

Our Origin and History

Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church (CEFC) was founded in 1983 under the name "Cornerstone Community Church."  From the beginning, we at Cornerstone Church wanted to build a foundation on which all Christians agree and to allow those elements of Christian theology, over which there is considerable contention, to remain much less defined.  So we strive to live by the ancient Christian Church maxim which says, "In essentials, we seek unity; in the non-essentials, liberty; and in all things, love."
In order to communicate the fact that Cornerstone is a Christian Church, in 1989 the name was charged to "Cornerstone Christian Church".  However as time went on, the people of Cornerstone Church felt a greater and greater need to join our resources and efforts to do the work of God with those of like minded Christians all over the world while, at the same time, remaining an autonomous (free) church.  Therefore, in April 1992 Cornerstone Christian Church affiliated with the Evangelical Free Church of America.  At the time we took the name Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church.
As a denomination, The Evangelical Free Church of America is an association of some 1,500 autonomous Christian Churches united by a mutual commitment to serve our Lord Jesus Christ with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and obedience to the Word of God.  We are committed to cooperate with one another in ministry and fellowship as we seek to fulfill the Great Commission that Christ has entrusted to His Church.  The growing ministry of the EFCA currently reaches some 60 nations of the world including an additional 1,300 congregations.