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the ONE

So there’s this crazy story that Jesus tells about a man who had 100 sheep.

You’ve heard me talk about it before.

I’m a little obsessed.

Because Jesus is telling his listeners something important about His father.

And every time He does that, I want to be one of the listeners. I want to hear what He’s saying and let it sink into my soul. We all know you can listen without hearing. Jesus actually speaks of this 7 times-“Let anyone with ears, hear”. I want to hear, because I want to understand the heart of the Father. And because I want to follow Jesus.

So He tells this story. It’s a nonsensical story because in it, a shepherd leaves 99 other sheep to go find one sheep. One that is lost. One that is alone. One that is scared and separated and desperate.

“Who does this?”- The story begs us to ask.

“The Father does this.”- Says Jesus. “He can’t do anything else. This is who He is.”

He searches everywhere.

He goes in dark places.

He crosses fields and rivers.

He is relentless about finding that one stinky sheep.

I know because He found me. And I still remember the day.

“You came all this way.” I thought.

“You have no idea.” He said.

“I hope I was worth it.”

“Worth everything, I would do it all again.”

 Jesus tells this story to tell us who God is and what His heart is like; but also to remind that we were lonely, and afraid, and desperate before He came looking.

This month we will look at what it means to join God in the search for the ONE. We’ll start a series called ONE and have an early morning Sunday class about the ONE.

Because the one means everything to God. And people that follow Jesus care about what He cares about. Would you begin to pray that He would give you ears to hear? That He would give you a new sense of hope? That He would give you a renewed passion for people? And that He would let you join in in His search for the ONE?

Blessings friends.

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