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An Invitation
June 2017

Cornerstone Church. You intrigue me. Unique. Distinctive. Strong. Quietly rebellious towards organized religion, but holding tightly to certain practices. You have your own way and it’s been a curious journey to catch glimpses of the foundation and discover some of the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’. It’s been good to get to know you.

As a reminder, I didn’t join this community primarily to speak on Sundays or minister to people’s needs. I came to join you in listening for God’s voice. To discern passion, abilities, and direction. And—to lead our community into the future that God has gifted us to live. After a year and a half, I am getting a good sense of who we are and how God hopes to see us reflect Him.

I get excited about our future, because I see life already multiplying itself and hope already unfurling. I will be leading a class for any who are interested in partnering on a deeper level with us. For adding their voice to the mix. Becoming a member of the community—to invest their energies and talents with us, working together on the mission God has called us to. We will explore the DNA of Cornerstone together. We will share our stories of faithfulness and trials. And we will have the opportunity to make a deeper commitment to the heart, community, and mission of this local church. We will gather at Cornerstone at 9 AM on the 4th of June, and will meet for 3 weeks. This is open to anyone, whether you’re already a team member, or are interested in becoming one. Looking forward to learning together and leaning into our future.



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