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Investing in People
July 2017

I was reminded recently of the people that Jesus spent time with during his few years of ministry. In three years, He shared space and time and presence with people from all walks of life. The powerful and the powerless. The wealthy and the needy. The uneducated, the uncommon, the average, and the unusual. He talked a lot. He listened a lot. He cherished meal times. He walked miles and miles. And miles. He healed people and he helped people. He mourned with some, laughed with others. Spoke harshly to the proud, but always with love. He tangled truth into riddles and stories. Always on the edge of revolution. The brink of war. The hint of an impending take-over. He filled towns with his presence and countryside’s with his followers.  And people never forgot him. Those that he had healed.  Those that he had hurt.  Those that he left behind.  And those in whose lives He lived on.

His message required response. His life led to reaction. To be around Him was to be presented with a decision. The kind that threatened to change everything. The kind that one does not make lightly. And yet. What I am often intrigued by is the amount of time that Jesus poured into three. Yes, there were hundreds of followers. He commissioned at least seventy for one mission. And there were twelve close friends. And their families and friends.

But there were those three who saw Him every day. Who ate every meal with Him. Disciples who saw the times heaven broke into earth. Friends who pointed out when He had food in His teeth. Men whose feet hurt from the miles and whose hearts soared at the milestones. It must have been pretty incredible. But it must have been pretty normal too. Cause that’s how life goes. The regular and the irregular strung together. Mixed up and mixed in. Three years. Ministry. A death. A resurrection. And those guys weren’t going back.

There was nothing to go back to compared to the promises ahead. Everything had changed. And that change required everything. Whose life are you investing in like that?   Who will be different forever because of your last three years? Who is God calling you to for the next three years? If seventy, or twelve, or three feels overwhelming, would you pick one? Who is it for you?

Sometimes I think I get so busy investing in so many that I don’t actually invest in any. When that conviction comes I’m reminded of the hours and weeks and months that Jesus gave to just a few. He had a message, that was a revolution, that could not afford to be lost. So he took his time. He ate. He slept. He worked. He played. And He made very sure that at least a couple really got it. Those few are why we have a church today. Again, who can you pour into?



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