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Begin with One
October 2017

I recently walked in the capital building and met with the highest arm of the law in our state. I walked out with a new trembling in my spirit. A fresh awareness of the darkness that lingers just below the surface of our culture.

More than a little overwhelmed by the vastness of human suffering. And the free agents that rise to profit from the pain of the vulnerable. Justice took on a face and wore a uniform. And asked for my help and my prayers. And I ask for yours.

If you’re like me, you know what it feels like to be overwhelmed by need. The outcry around the world. The floods in Texas. The Hurricanes in Florida and Puerto Rico. Fires in Montana. The kids barefoot in our parking lot. The hungry eyes of young men on our sidewalks. And then there are those closest to our hearts. Our dearest friends and family.

Recently our small group talked about suffering. We spoke of our responsibility, as followers of Christ, to engage in the hurt and to walk into the suffering. Not our natural desire. Or our first choice. But we are the people who have been reborn. We are the ones who Jesus looked in the eye and said, “Stand up. Face me. Follow me.”
The same Jesus who spoke through Paul to say, “God, comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.” So if there is suffering, hurting, pain around you and if you have been comforted, and set free, and given peace, what is your call to those around you? How can you step into the suffering of someone else and bring peace?
I walked out of the justice building understanding that even that powerful team couldn’t solve it all or fix it all. But I can provide comfort or peace or bring change to one person or to a family.
If you begin with one, you’ll see that change is possible and that you have influence.
Would you let God bring one person to mind that you could make a difference for?
If so, please send me an email or a text with their name because I want pray for and invest in you as you give your lives for others.
In prayer, I want to be stepping into the suffering of the people that you care about and the people that you are moving closer to. As you commit to move into the lives of people around you, I commit to pray for you daily through October, and to trust God to move in you.
Let’s lean in, church.
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