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Happy December!
December  2017

We will be telling the story this month. The church’s story. The world’s story. The story upon which all others borrow. The One story of the One who picked up pen and scratched out the name Adam. He dipped brush in color to breathe Eve to life. He wound the clock and lit the spark. He dreamt you. He whispered your hair color. He laughed outrageously at your first words.

It’s the story of Jesus. And it bigger than we think. We sometimes try to hold it back, but it’s outgrown our boundaries. It’s seeped into almost every aspect of our culture, if you know where to look. It’s not Wal-Mart’s story. It’s not Hollywood’s. They tell it anyway. Simply because it’s so compelling. It’s the church’s story. It’s our story. May we tell it well this season. Every day. Around our tables. In our workplaces. In our preparation of celebration. Let the story be told. Join us every week in December for a fresh perspective of the story of God incarnate.



Belong. Struggle. Presence.

- Pastor Eli

A couple of Sundays ago, I shared what I would want my friends to know about Cornerstone. I called that Sunday, ‘A message for your friends’. I would encourage you to share these things with your friends that are curious about church.

Allow me to remind us of the three things that I highlighted:

Belonging. Cornerstone is a place where the regular societal norm of; behave, believe, belong, is completely reversed. This is a place that you can belong first. Be part of our community first. Be covered by our care first. It is a place of belonging first because that how Jesus received people. We think this community will lead you to belief and that true belief can only lead to changed behavior. Belong first. The rest will follow.
Struggle. Cornerstone is a place that is committed to fighting each other. We think that a diverse group of people unified around Jesus is the best witness that we can give and are willing to fight for that. This means that we will not walk away from conflict of relationship, but gently press towards each other. This is not easy or natural, but is exactly what Jesus did to establish and build a relationship with us. We are committed to struggle for the answer of His prayer that His people would be ‘One’.
Presence. “God’s project is God’s presence’ means that Cornerstone will be on a relentless pursuit for people. We believe that finding Jesus in the eyes of the hurting, needy, and desperate is actually finding Jesus. When we serve those who He loves we serve Him. We will always be pressing out of our comfortable lives to find the presence of God in the world. As we’ve quoted many times, “God doesn’t have a mission for His church, He has a church for His mission.” We will be found on the evolving field of need.

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