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        Pack Your Bags
The world got a little sweeter when my kids began to pack their own stuff. I don’t remember when it happened or if it happened all at once. I just know that we used to pack their bags and now they do. If you’re not there yet, hold on, better days are coming. It’s a trade off. Sometimes we have to buy underwear or toothbrushes on vacay because those two items remain notoriously under-packed. Funny, the kids never forget their phone chargers. As we head into the fall season, we will be talking about some of the essentials for the journey. You can always buy a new toothbrush, but if you leave your wallet, you’re not going very far. And we have places to go. We have a purpose to live out. We have a clear calling in this land. So, we will be exploring some of the essential — don’t leave home without it — things that need to be part of your gear. Because we want to be ready for the life God is calling us to live. Here. Now. Together. So dig out those backpacks. Mine always has leftovers from my last trip. An old sock, some wrappers, wet matches, a burnt pan… you might find anything. Some of that stuff has to go.
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